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Natia 32:10...When they hit 11-12-13, part of who they want to be is to be independent of you. They are not going to want to share lot of that, especially technology because it is very private for them. Then younger they will ... So you have more of an opportunity to be welcomed in to that world. But I just think you have to reverse? carefully, you do not want to kill if for the kids either. I get annoyed hearing adults constantly saying, constantly educating kids as opposed to sort of enjoying, having discussion, letting the kids figure out things. Just you do not have to be purposely pedagogical all the time but if you are critical thinker that is what is going to come up in your conversation. 
9:26...The problem I find is that we do not have as much time as parents had before. So I guess we have to try to find most possible time to spend with kids and actually talk. I do not mean talking when you are driving or eating, but really sitting down and talking and just knowing, getting to know the person. 
0:06:16.5 the first thing is I think that I know it's very difficult to not do this because I myself sometimes feel like doing it and it’s very challenging for me not to do it ... never give your child a device because your are feeling lazy you don’t want to talk to them or because you are in a social place and you want them to quiet because they think you are refraining from teaching them very important values and you are not teaching them very important behaviours that crucial in your development around people, behaving around people and how to deal with people.
Xue aline EXTRA---No matter what it will always be there around us? Social media is so powerful an out there. This way as parents we have to be on our Ps and Qs and set boundaries with our children. Although teaching our children responsible use of technologies is about so much more than making sure they are not sharing news on social media or waiting hours on games.
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Katie "App-pocalypse Now"  
*(i love this title!!) 
The inside story on LA schools’ iPad rollout: “a colossal disaster”
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Andrea Apps for kids - updated
This is for the web team. It is also at basecamp Ashley, Kristina Bellows, Xue, Junesse
Language, math, thinking:
1 - Bugs and Buttons 2
"In BUGS AND BUTTONS 2, kids can choose a specific game from the available activities or progress through the games automatically. Games cover such skills as counting, letter recognition, matching, sorting, listening, following directions, and developing fine motor skills"
2- iTrace - handwriting for kids
"Kids can practice tracing uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, their own names, and words with iTrace. Kids also can learn letter names (not phonetic pronunciations) and word recognition for more than 500 words."
3- Splash Math Kindergarten App - 
"Splash Math Kindergarten is a highly customizable math app for preschool and kindergarten kids. The skills covered align with Common Core Standards for kindergarten math, and parents can customize the skills kids will practice, see reports of kids' progress, set learning goals, and get email or push reminders for kids to do daily math practice"
4- FTVS HD - multisensory scheduling for all kids.
"Kids will use and follow schedules created by, or with, their parents to successfully and independently navigate various parts of their day. Kids with various disabilities will benefit from the multisensory approach as they hear or see instructions as well as read them and check each step as they move through a sequence."
5- Daniel Tiger's Grr-ific Feelings
"Kids can learn vocabulary related to emotions, how to express feelings in healthy ways, and how to identify what other people are feeling, too, on Daniel Tiger's Grr-ific Feelings. Through the drawing easel, kids can learn that expressing their feelings through artwork is another option for processing and sharing feelings. The photo booth helps kids notice what a feeling typically looks like on someone else's face as well as on their own, increasing social-emotional awareness and empathy. By practicing an easy deep-breathing exercise, kids can learn to handle stress and reduce anger physically. As kids watch Daniel handle situations in the song videos, they may learn strategies to control their own behavior in healthy ways." 
6 - iTouchiLearn Life Skills: Morning Routines for Preschool Kids
"Kids can learn to think about their own routines and to get ready for school more independently. The app breaks down the morning routine step by step. Instead of having parents rush kids along in the morning, kids can follow the examples given in the app and get going on their own."
7 - MyPlay Chef Lite - Free cooking app 
"Kids can learn to follow steps to create four foods. They add ingredients and do a few interactive extras: stir batter by twirling a finger, tilt the screen to flip a pancake, tap blueberries on top in fun patterns, and more."
8 - Toontastic - multi-scene cartoons with musical scores.
"Kids choose the characters and setting for each scene, then just move the pieces around like they were playing with action figures, providing their own dialogue as the iPad records it all. They can then add a musical score with the appropriate emotional tone."
9- Toca Tea Party - Transform iPad into a tea table with cute, imaginative app.
"Kids can learn to engage their imaginations as well as practice table manners and social skills while playing Toca Tea Party. As they make choices for what items to include on the table and which food and drink to serve, kids exercise decision-making: "What do I think makes a good party?" Each planning choice shows social respect for their guests. Toca Tea Party is a sweet pretend-play app that extends screen play into real life and helps kids build their imaginations."
 10- Avokiddo Emotions -- Playful learning for kids
"Kids can learn about identifying emotions through facial expressions and reaction to stimuli in this creative app. Kids are encouraged to use their imagination to make new creative scenes by using props to dress and interact with three friendly, zany animal characters. By playing Avokiddo Emotions, kids engage in lots of silly fun while exploring emotional and creative development."
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Junesse Andrea is this your interview or one you found online?
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Andrea Website
Can we continue to post randomly here? I came across this website and it turns out they have a category about kids and technology...
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3.http://www.ikeepsafe.org/parents/ resource with a variety of parent supportive aps to support safety.
Splash Math Kindergarten App - Children Learn Basic Concepts
Andrea 8 - Kidzworld
Well-monitored site where kids uphold community standards.
KIDZWORLD is basically an online social network where kids can communicate in a presumably safe environment. (The privacy policy pledges the utmost safety and protection of personal information, and there are strict chat rules.) After the free registration process -- during which parents are notified of the child's intent to join -- kids can create a profile, chat, post messages to other members, send emails or e-cards, post articles or personal writings, upload photos or videos, play games, and enter contests. They can also read news and reviews, blogs, an advice column (to which they can also post a question), and short articles about health, personal style, and project ideas.
Kids can learn important social skills presented on Social Adventures in seven areas: Initiating social contact; maintaining conversations; advocating and compromising; getting regulated; interpreting non-verbal skills; negotiating space; and experiencing humor. For example, under the "advocating and compromising" category, kids can learn how to politely say "no" to a friend's idea. Kids will also practice following directions, listening skills, self-awareness, making wise decisions, and more. Social Adventures can be a powerful tool to help kids become more comfortable socially through simple lessons and fun games.
Toca Tea Party
 Avokiddo Emotions -- Playful learning for kids  (Social and emotional learning)
 Peek-a-Zoo by Duck Duck Moose (Social and Emotional Learning)
iTouchiLearn Life Skills: Morning Routines for Preschool Kids
Chore Pad: Productivity app lets families set own tasks and rewards

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