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1065 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Elizabeth 1065 days ago
 I asked a fellow teacher, he was a phished teacher and he remembers when he was first involved with technology, when it was these huge computers, it was only like 30 years, so much has happened.
Not the reading that we were exposed to. Even like 10 years ago. It is quick reading. It is immediate gratification. They no longer have to be going to the library they could just go to their ipads.
and I find that it gives them time to like share with their friends; and because they are excited to see their friends do it they take their turns they share they problem solve. Matching colours, counting, I find that it makes them think more, its gets them the colourful colors they get rewards at the end like if they match the right way they say "great job" or "high five" you can see the excitement in them from being able to do it.
0:02:35.4They said when they first introduced to the computer when they were 5 or 6. It started first with the computer; they saw their parents using it. They could not wait to get their hands on it. They were allowed to play with the games. One of them was so interested, that he learnt to read, just because he wanted to do what he saw his mother do, learn to read, learn to write. At a very young age, they were already hooked up with spelling games, reading techniques. One of my friends has little nieces, these nieces use technology at 5 years old, the games, the parents use it as baby sitters, unfortunately, at family gatherings, after eating, yes they are very difficult, they go into the other room and they play their games, just to keep them quiet. They also have special films they want them to watch. They have their special games, their cartoon, they have ipads but it is locked and it is limited use. 
isabelle: 0:06:40.5
there is nothing, the only way that they use their computers is if I give them a project, and the ones tat are privileged enough, the ones that are privileged enough, the ones who’s parents are plugged in, that they can afford all of this, they comeback with a power point and their slides. The others are there with their index cards. It makes me scared a little of the huge divide of the haves and have not’s. 
1084 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Elizabeth 1084 days ago
The objective of this survey/questionnaire is to understand parents’ attitudes towards educating children through digital devices ( I still don't like limiting it to digital devices. This means we only target people who can afford these devices.) Perhaps it could be the target of just one video. 
Elizabeth undefined How about using the terms technology and interactive devices.
Objective 2?
To understand how parents enable children or form a dependence on technology and/or interactive devices.
Objective 3?
 Where is the question on the household income? 
Q1. What is your age? we can provide age categories
what about a desktop computer?
Q4. Do you have applications and/or games on your digital device(s) that your child/children play with?  Yes  No
We could add another question on what type of categories do the games fall into. 
 I like this question alot.
 I would even add an additional quetion on 
 if you do have a set of rules please describe them? (or maybe save this for the interview)
Q9. Are there parental control features on the computer/iPad/phone?
Yes No
Are you familiar on how to apply parental control features on your computer?
I have no comment for question 10-16. 
Great work.
1089 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Elizabeth 1089 days ago
Elizabeth undefined This is a great but long research review on internet addiction. I suggest to just read the part on interpersonal and family perspectives (page 20-21). 
Although the findings are inconclusive, there has been theories on how family and iterpersonal relationships correlates to internet addiction. 
1085 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Elizabeth 1085 days ago
pretty interesting... I like the platform too.
Elizabeth undefined very interesting 
1089 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Elizabeth 1089 days ago
Elizabeth undefined
  • This fantastic article sums up the principles to guide the appropriate use technology and interactive media tools. 
1084 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Elizabeth 1084 days ago
Elizabeth undefined Meeting Nov 4th 8:00pm
  • Assign roles
  • Determine goal
  • Set up timeline dates
  • Discuss communication method (Junesse)
  • Finalize meeting for this week

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