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Kristina Student- Led Seminar Discussion
Kincheloe (2005), Introduction to Critical Pedagogy.
Hi class, 
On Tuesday evening I will be leading the discussion around Kincheloe’s 2005 article “Introduction to Critical Pedagogy”. My intention is to deliver a brief overview of the main aspects and ideas brought forth in the article and connect them to our own experiences as students. I will also use additional resources to help highlight and explain key concepts within the critical pedagogy conversation and use these concepts to further explore Kincheloe’s article together.  Within my presentation there will be a simple activity of roughly 15 minutes designed to deepen our understanding of Kincheloe’s article and critical pedagogy on the whole. To support us in this feat, start by taking a look at the following interview with Sir Ken Robinson,  an advocate of critical pedagogy and long time idol of mine.  Enjoy, and see you all Tuesday. 
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